If you've ever had to change an Arch package to suit your individual needs, you've probably dealt with the  or editing pkgbuilds. Well, there's an easy way to keep your arch system up to date (which is the power of Arch and a rolling-release model anyways) while keeping your changes to packages intact. The solution: .

Using customizepkg

Install customizepkg-new using your AUR package manager of choice (mine is yaourt
yaourt -S customizepkg-new
Notice that I used customizepkg-new, which seems to be the most updated version of the package. customizepkg will create a folder /etc/customizepkg.d/ . In this folder are a couple of .example files to get you started using customizepkg. You can use these files to write your own rules. You simply create a file with the same name as the package you are changing, for example, "vim". My vim file in this folder consists of the following: