At work, we use for maintaining our source code. I develop mainly on linux at work, and one thing I always found infuriating is that in RTC, there is no easy way to move files or rename them without maintaining the history of the file. In Windows, you can install the , which lets you move the file within Windows Explorer, but in Linux, no luck.

There is, however, a command-line interface to RTC, called 'lscm'. It is by default shipped with RTC in the 'scmtools/eclipse' subdirectory. For me, I keep my RTC at:


So my scm tools are located at:


Specifically the binary we want to use is 'lscm'. To make things easier, I just add it to my path:

export PATH=/opt/ibm/jazz/scmtools/eclipse:$PATH 

Then, whenever I want to move a file, I can use lscm to do so. lscm uses the same syntax as the 'mv' command, so:

lscm move path <src> <dest> 

So, if I want to move file 'foo.js' to a subfolder 'bar/' and rename it to 'baz.js':

lscm move path foo.js bar/baz.js 

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