Hey, I'm Cameron! I do developer things, currently @Tanium

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On having a child

My son is just over a month old today. We're watching our first UVa football game together, rooting for the team that always disappoints (we're not called the Cardiac Cavs for nothing). Having a kid is an experience that I've

Debugging a failed SELinux Policy Install

Let's say I'm installing a compiled selinux policy on linux, like a.pp. I run semodule -i a.pp, which fails with a message like Failed to resolve typeattributeset statement at /etc/selinux/targeted/tmp/modules/400/a/cil:713

Programming Epic PWRGate from Linux

I'm fairly big into ham radio. I'll probably post more on ham radio in general and why I got into it, but this post specifically is about one piece of equipment I got for the car. I bought an Epic

Overnight Oats Recipe

In 2013, I had the best muesli of my life in Bermuda. Since then, I've been trying to recreate it. I think I've finally come as close as possible, and wanted to document that recipe. 1/2 cup rolled old

Installing Arch Linux on Dell XPS 7390 (2019)

BackgroundI recently bought a Dell XPS 7390 for personal projects, as I wanted a portable laptop to do things like Arduino projects and bill paying. I used arch for a long time in the past, but not really since college.

Running Background Services in QRadar Apps

This was an old post of mine that was on IBM QRadar's developerworks. The post seems to be gone, so I'm posting here for an archive. This is probably out of date, and would not work anymore (written in 2017)

Moving files in Rational Team Concert (RTC) in Linux

At work, we use for maintaining our source code. I develop mainly on linux at work, and one thing I always found infuriating is that in RTC, there is no easy way to move files or rename them without maintaining

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